FARRAD - Pick Your Face Up Off The Floor (Edited)

The remix music video for Farrad's single "Pick Your Face Up Off The Floor" off his remix album "PYFUOTF: The Remixes & debut album "The Time Is Now". The electro/dance-infused Remix creates an alternate reality in which MAN (Farrad) battles MACHINE (world championship motorcross racer, Shane San Miguel) in a fight that explores what happens when life becomes more powerful after demise. Farrad brings ferocious strength, determination, and will-to-unify while creating a life-force more powerful than the villain that would do him harm. Director: Greg Haggart Choreographer: J Lyn Backup Dancers: J Lyn & Adrianne Rodgers Motorcross Biker: Shane San Miguel Producer: Ann Gilbertson-Haggart Editors: Jared Mezzocchi & Brian McAllister Production House: Bandito Brothers Executive Producers: Gabe Goldberg & Farrad Label: Beulah's Baby Entertainment Contact: Gabe@Farrad.com